Carlos Benito Gall ‘el pelito’ is a clown by vocation and profession. Born in Barcelona in 1973, he has been a clown for more than 20 years. Believing in empirical and collective formation, he loves comics, both as a reader and as a cartoonist. Not only has this indulgence been influential in shaping his comprehension of the scene but has also triggered the conception of the workshop.

A transparent human being, because he wants to be seen and attended to. The clown is an archetype – funny, pathetic, and poetic. He is the mirror in which the audience looks. Carlos carries all the hallmarks of a clownish attitude, namely approachable, positive in tribulations, well-intentioned clumsy, provocateur of laughter, bearer of catastrophe and wicked innocent free of all guilt.

Clowning is a fun activity in itself. It involves playing for the sake of playing, playing to improvise, playing to structure ideas, playing to move through space and playing to improve blood circulation. True to his clown nature, Carlos loves group interactions, as these give him a feeling of being accepted in the comic vision, poetry, and pathos.

Through workshops, he proposes ideas and games meant to transport you to the clown/clown universe, which has been created from a red nose. Some tools that he relies upon are choreographic concepts and music and creating and adapting the character to different situations. Often he acts as part of a team and selects a partner to act as an interlocutor.

As per Carlos, every clown should be crystal clear in speech and proposals. He should also effectively manage energy with the audience and avoid excessive appearances.

Lo bué si bre, dos ve bué’.