Daniela de Girolamo specialises in Chi Kung and Yoga and is as enthusiastic about teaching a willing learner as she is to practise it herself.

Having spent the last 18 years studying and working as a Shiatsu therapist, Ayurvedic massage therapist, Yoga teacher-trainer and Chi Kung and Yoga instructor, she firmly believes in the goodness of holistic healing. So, regardless of age, gender or concepts, all you need to do is enrol for Daniela’s class to embark on the process.

What renders Daniela truly accomplished is her in-depth understanding about how the elements of nature manifest, and more importantly, how they are represented in the human body. Every human being experiences a different level of energetic vibration and these manifest through the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

It was while working as a Shiatsu therapist that Daniela was attracted to Chi Kung, and immediately developed a bond towards this ancient Chinese practice. Initially she would attend 4-5 sessions a day to remain healthy and energetic. But given its positive impact, she decided to continue, and went on to complete two years of training. Based on the concepts of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chi Kung aims to stretch and streamline the body’s energy channels in a fluid and harmonious way.

Regular Chi Kung practice makes you strong both internally and outwardly. Not only does it build muscles, but also strengthens the internal organs, improves digestion and enhances the quality of sleep. Menstruation/menopause, respiratory and cardiovascular rhythm and inherent immunity are other areas that benefit from Chi Kung.

Because all movements and exercises work directly on the energy channels of the body, they are related to a specific organ/viscera which represent thoughts and emotions. For example, if you work on an exercise that targets the energy channel of the stomach, there will be an improvement in digestion and muscular strength and elasticity. You will also slip into a state of relaxation and would be better prepared to handle stress and anxiety.

There are a series of exercises, and while some are meditative and static, others involve movement and provide a great physical workout. All exercises are associated with a breathing technique and aim to cultivate harmony in movement. Breathing consciously causes the body to re-align naturally and find its balance. Chi kung encourages self-healing and creates a feeling of well-being, thus prompting a feel-good factor.

When Daniela sees the positive impact of her classes on different segments of the community, it brings her joy and contentment.

  • A farmer once told her that after two months of Chi Kung he was able to harvest his olives again after years of his back not allowing him to do so.
  • A person with depression told her about the feeling of vitality that floods him every time he practises Chi Kung.
  • A woman weaver and entrepreneur told her that her creativity at work was awakened after a class.
  • Another person with heart and circulation problems said that on days when she practised Chi Kung, she was able to relax and sleep much better at night.

All this and much more is what motivates Daniela to share her knowledge and practice every day with passion and enthusiasm.