Duanne Cahn


Duanne Cahn is a dedicated advocate for transformative change, channelling her passion into tangible and enduring outcomes. She has over two decades’ experience spanning public and private sectors, fostering consensus, strengthening partnerships and driving transformative initiatives. Duanne thrives as an integral part of diverse teams by embracing collaborative approaches and recognising the power of multi-agency collaboration in affecting meaningful change.

As the founder of Evolve Integral Health and Well-being Retreat, Duanne, alongside her diverse and incredible team, embodies a simple yet profound ethos: optimal health and well-being are achievable when treating the body as a holistic entity. Drawing on a fusion of holistic and modern-day therapies, she works with a community of dedicated, like-minded specialists who work on whole-bodied solutions that address your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, making your journey enjoyable.

Duanne’s core belief is the heart of holistic wellness lies in “you.” By gaining insights into specific symptoms, individuals can establish a robust baseline and enhance their quality of life through a functional approach. Holistic methodologies go beyond merely addressing the absence of disease, delving into the creation of health and well-being. Empowerment, change, happiness, inner peace and realignment.

These approaches facilitate a vibrant expression of individual well-being by balancing systems, bridging gaps, fostering function and guiding the journey toward holistic self-healing. Duanne emphasises that the pursuit of holistic healing involves accountability, self-regulation and responsible decision-making, marking a transformative path based on simple but effective lifestyle changes.