Emily’s passion for her work is based on people accessing their fullest potential by connecting to their fullest expression of self. Breaking down what may have held us back and stepping forwards and upwards into a beautiful expansion of our lives. Using a variety of breathwork techniques you will find tools that help you move through your days with more ease and flow. On longer journeys with the breath, you can delve deeper into the power that is within YOU accessed through the simple yet powerful breath.

Breathwork is an amazing way to drop down from the mind and into the body. Our incredible, beautiful bodies. The breath gives us a way to move from the conscious quickly and easily to the unconscious and open the doors to what lays within us. Opening these doors means moving beyond the self and social limits expanding to our fullest, most tangible life experience.

What often causes our general discomfort in life is not fully being who we want to be, living how we want to live, not risking enough or being as creative as we want to be. We can be held back by both fear and numbness and the way out of this is through it.

She wants to help you see it all, to reveal it, revel in it, rage in it, weep in it, celebrate it, rejoice in it, feel the whole thing, that is the way to get there!

She creates a safe space for you to drop into your bodies, for your embodiment from the inside out, to express it and deepen your connection to your Self and to all of the beauty of life around you.