For Fina it is a pleasure to prepare delicious and nourishing meals throughout your stay. Fina is originally from the west coast of the US and loves to eat.

Before moving to the Granada area almost 16 years ago Fina worked at several restaurants and cafes in Seattle, Washington and in her spare time she loved to sample the wide variety of fare available there. From Vietnamese food to Ethiopian to French to Peruvian and everything in between, Fina learned to love a world of flavours and spices and she is always excited about any opportunity to use them in her own food.

When Fina moved to Spain, she found that many of the cuisines that she wanted to eat were not available here and Fina began to get serious about learning to make them for herself and her family, then later the people around her. In this process it is fundamental for her to use as much of Nature´s abundance around her as possible and to bring to the table food that will leave us all feeling satisfied and feeling strong. Fina has never met a vegetable she did not like.

It has been a pleasure for Fina to work as a private chef in many places in both Granada and the Lecrín Valley preparing primarily Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Spanish cuisine and for the last 2 years she has been keeping herself busy with designing and preparing an ever-changing set menu that she delivers every two weeks all over the area.

In addition to her love of spice and bold flavours, she is a lover of baking and desserts, cookies, cakes, and ice cream – this is her love language and when she can sneak a courgette or a carrot into her treats then she is even happier!

Fina´s happiest place is her kitchen, with the oven on and flour up to her nose. She is looking forward to meeting you!