Inma Carmona is a Senior Dietetic Technician.

Her interest in dietetics stemmed from the belief that nutrition can be independent of fad diets and obsessions. At Evolve, she strives to guide you towards eating a healthy and balanced diet and never skips a beat in emphasising its importance. Using nutritional education as an effective tool, she teaches you how to create personalized menus that prioritise foods rich in vitamins and minerals for boosting energy levels.

It has been scientifically proven that creating good lifestyle habits is fundamental to achieving overall well-being and remaining protected from illness. Since these habits have a major impact on women’s hormonal health, particularly during menopause. It is important to be conscious towards them and make changes as and when required. To this effect, positive lifestyle habits can help alleviate typical menopausal symptoms by optimally regulating hormones.

Despite having completed her education, Inma continued to acquire new knowledge, especially in context of women’s hormonal health. Her work and practice led to interactions with women who suffered from a variety of conditions, like polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, lipoedema, or those who were at the brink of menopause.

Given her vast experience, you can look forward to plenty of patience, affection and empathy from Inma, as she coaxes you to build a healthy bond with food.

As she says, “My passion is to help you in your best project – YOURSELF!”