Lourdes Bueno is a Sports instructor and personal trainer, social health caregiver and lover of childhood and nature.

She entered the world of yoga and this practice helped her open the door to her inner world. In order to consciously live the fullness of life in all its aspects and to feel more consistent with what she wants, what she feels and what she does in her day to day. Lourdes enjoys sharing and learning each step through body awareness to improve posture and understand body mechanics. From self-care and self-knowledge without demands and from the pleasure to gradually integrate the multiple benefits of this practice and at all levels (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual)

Her aims for the retreat programs that she will be supporting


In this special stage, of greater serenity, heightened intuition and maturity, yoga can bring us closer to being more connected with ourselves in order to achieve a more conscious transition. We will practice fluid movement and body awareness to mobilise energy and establish a greater connection with our body and its physical, mental and emotional needs in addition to breathing exercises to reduce symptoms and increase energy and vitality.


The objectives of yoga transcend the integral well-being of the physical body.
In this space we will combine sequences of dynamic asanas to gain flexibility, resistance and balance to strengthen the muscles and tone from a conscious practice supported by the breath to deepen in a more precise training adapted to all levels. Working the body, listening and caring to better integrate personal practices and thus regulate the intensity relieving tensions and resistance.


Yoga Wellness is a practice with the intention of returning to our centre to act in coherence and harmony in our lives. During the practice we work with pleasure to free ourselves from stress and connect with our body, get to know its energy centres and shape them through the elements. In this practice we go into the depths of the conscious and the unconscious to put it at the service of our evolution.