Michaela Haesch was born in Germany/Bavaria and grew up to follow her heart, do whatever made her feel happy and alive and encouraged her to remain true to herself. At Evolve, she is a kinesiologist, sound and energy healer, yoga instructor and musician.

Since her early childhood, Michaela loved to sing, dance and move freely like the wind. She always sensed a heartfelt connection with Mother Earth. Over the years, her love for the mountains and ability to connect with nature developed into a life philosophy.

Having spent a few years in the US, she moved to Austria/Tirol and started a personal venture in 2017 as a kinesiologist, sound healer and yoga teacher. Around this time, Michaela regularly organized workshops involving sound-fused breathing, meditation and hypnosis. She also conducted many ‘cacao’ ceremonies, sweat lodges and the ‘shamanic healing boat’.

Michaela received the kinesiology certificate from Ferdinand Gstrein and Willee Regensburger bestowed upon her the shamanic training certificate. Since then, she has continued to expand his knowledge and acquired training in ear acupuncture, mind healing and channelling from Claudia Fischhaber. Training in aqua gymnastics with Christine Teutsch added another feather to her cap.

​In Michaela’s opinion, the basic principle for all the activities is to grasp the true being of every person in depth, to empathize and to touch the other person’s heart. To this effect, she uses seminars, courses, or individual treatments as mediators and channels to connect people with the divine source and remind them of their true being and inherent potential.

When you love yourself, a space of unlimited amplitude opens up in the heart. There is an intensity that makes everything that is impossible POSSIBLE which dissolves limitations and that is what Michaela regards as being the Power of Unconditional Love.