Pascale has always been passionate about life as a whole, its greatness, and how it provides a woven web of ecology that ties humans deeply to the rest of the living things on this planet, like plants and animals.

Pascale practises yoga, mountaineering, pottery, and gardening, which she takes pleasure in.

For more than 20 years, Pascale has studied and practised natural therapies, including foot reflexology, massage, lymphatic drainage, Reiki mastery, and Kinesiology (energy work).

During our retreats, Pascale will be delivering on working with the clients in group workshops or on a one-to-one setting. In Menopause Retreats, she will use reflexology to work with the feet, focused on menopause and relieving its symptoms; this workshop provides women with a tool for self-care (improvement of discomfort related to this stage of life)—Pascale´s one-to-one treatments for this program, include reflexology and kinesiology.

Pascale is also available to clients within other retreats for one-to-one therapy sessions, which you can book alongside a retreat. These include foot reflexology, kinesiology and chakra balancing.

Pascale also delivers yoga and pottery classes, making her multi-faceted.