Roberto Quintarelli was born in Melbourne, Australia, to an Italian father and a Spanish mother. His passion as a personal coach and energy healer manifested as an unexpected gift while working in a café-restaurant in Sydney in 2018.

It all happened one day when Roberto was attending an energy healing workshop that completely transformed his perception of the world and of life. He experienced a sudden shift and a deep inner connection – a feeling of deep unconditional love – that occurred as a flash of enlightenment. It lasted for only a moment but was just long enough for him to take steps that would change his life forever.

When Roberto embarked on an unknown path full of uncertainties, external circumstances rapidly unfolded in favour of a change. A deep need for grounding arose within, leading him towards meditation, and he began to listen to mantras while going about daily tasks at home. At the same time, the “language of light” began to manifest in form of universal frequency, thus enabling him to channel through his voice, which is described by most listeners as being calm and soothing.

PI Villaraza was the vehicle that set Roberto on the path to evolve as an Energy Healer. His career path took a 360-degree turn when he left Sydney a few months later, seeking to find answers to lots of questions that were swirling within him. He began a journey that led to connecting with the energy healer and author Pi Villaraza and spending some time with him in the Philippines.

Through Pi’s intuitive energy healing skills, Roberto’s energetic body aligned in a way that he experienced an even deeper expansion. It was an intense movement of energy flowing within which turned his breathing fast and heavy and produced an impressive cathartic release. Henceforth, he was able to release and heal unconscious emotional conflicts and traumas and the overall feeling was one of absolute peace, amazement and awe.

​Over time he became detached and moulded into an observer of his own reality and limitations. Not only could he make better life choices, but also felt strengthening of his faith and a growing sense of humility. He realized a connection with higher intelligence, a higher power, higher than himself, which guided him towards the path and his mission.

All these experiences and many more led Roberto to a path where he became a Reiki master, coach, and NLP practitioner and laid the foundation for developing Trust Meditation.