Tinca Leahy is a private chef who has been living and working around the Granada province for the last ten years. Her background is in the Arts and after studying French Literature at Glasgow University where she gained an MA, she trained as a puppeteer and became a part of a traveling theatre company for the next thirteen years. 

Her life was mostly lived in the back of a transit van spent traversing the British Isles, Ireland and Europe and it was a crazy rollercoaster of shows and towns and constant movement. In between tours, she worked at the family´s music publishing business in London and also set up an independent record label with her brother putting out small runs of specialist vinyl rock n roll records and spending a lot of time in seedy dive bars. She came to Spain looking for a change of pace and a lot more nature and light. 

Her family owned a hotel in the foothills of the Alpujarra mountains outside Granada and she went there to help run the place. The hotel was an old flour mill set amongst olive trees and despite having no previous experience she set up a bar and restaurant which ran successfully for a number of years. After her family sold the hotel, she got herself some proper training at Leiths School of Food and Wine and started to work as a private chef in and around the Valley of Lecrin cooking for retreats, for private clients, at a music studio and local festival, high end dinners at a luxury b&b, all manner of wonderful opportunities mixing up great food and fabulous people which brings us up to the present day. She firmly believes that food is medicine and that a good varied healthy diet featuring as many colours and plants and grains and healthy proteins as possible is the foundation for a happy body and a calm mind.