Rediscover Your Radiance and Embrace Menopause with Tranquil Harmony: A Holistic Retreat to Liberate Your Mind, Nurture Your Body, and Restore Your Soul.

Welcome to our enriching menopause retreat, where holistic well-being guides your journey. Experience mindfulness, rejuvenating yoga, therapeutic workshops and bespoke nutrition and fitness plans to nurture your overall well-being. Rediscover inner strength, vitality and joy as you embrace this empowering phase of life.


Type of retreat:

Menopause, Fitness, Welness

Group Size:

8 persons per group.

Group Participants:

Female participants only.


Nutrient enriched, Made fresh, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Organic, Locally sourced, Raw, Fruit and Vegetables

Skill Level:

Beginner, Intermediate


  • Embark on a Transformative Journey Together: Embark on a transformative journey alongside women facing similar challenges and experiences, fostering deep connections and personal growth together.
  • Realign and Rejuvenate Amidst Stunning Natural Beauty: Realign and rejuvenate amidst stunning natural beauty, embracing holistic wellness and personal reflection in a nurturing environment.
  • Discover Balance and Inner Peace: Discover balance, resilience, and inner peace through comprehensive support and personalised guidance from a team of experts including nutritionists, therapists, and fitness specialists.
  • Continued Support Beyond the Retreat: Continue your journey beyond the retreat with ongoing aftercare support for sustained well-being, ensuring you continue making positive changes and stay connected for lasting wellness.
  • Bespoke Nutrition and Fitness Plans: Receive personalised nutritional and fitness plans tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to wellness.

Full Description:

Program Overview

Our menopause retreat offers a holistic escape, focusing on group healing and personal wellness. We can help declutter your mind, addresses nutrition and stress management, restores confidence and vitality, and fosters connection. With a safe environment, you can listen to your body’s needs and heal in a nourishing way.


  • Rejuvenating Practices: Engage in rejuvenating yoga, Chi Kung, and Guided Meditation and Mindfulness sessions to enhance flexibility, mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Therapeutic Offerings: Experience Healing Sound Therapy, Dance Therapy, and Chakra Rebalancing Workshops to restore harmony to mind, body and spirit.
  • Community Connection: Forge meaningful connections in a supportive community environment through group activities and discussions.
  • Nutrition and Wellness: Personalised nutritional and fitness plans and holistic wellness strategies support hormonal balance and overall vitality.
  • Rejuvenating Retreat Setting: Enjoy the serene comforts of La Boheme Hotel amidst picturesque landscapes in the Murchas Valley.


Specialist Support

 Our team of dedicated holistic well-being specialists is committed to guiding you through the unique challenges of menopause:

  • Yoga Instructors: Experienced guides providing tailored practices to alleviate symptoms and enhance well-being.
  • Nutritionists: Nutritional guidance for hormonal balance and overall health.
  • Holistic Therapists: Providing nurturing classes for relaxation, stress relief, and holistic healing.
  • Fitness Instructors: Focusing on exercises designed to improve strength and vitality.
  •  Chi Kung Instructors: Harmonising energy flow to promote well-being.
  • Reflexology and Kinesiology Therapists: Alleviating symptoms through targeted bodywork techniques.
  • Breathwork Therapists: Offering techniques to manage symptoms and enhance emotional balance.
  • Receive personalised care and support: Navigate the menopausal journey with ease and empowerment.


Accommodation: La Boheme Casa Rural in the Alluring Murchas Stay in a beautiful eight-bedroom boutique home in the Murchas, Valley of Lecrin, renowned as “the Valley of Happiness”. Our recently renovated hotel, opening its doors in the winter of 2024, offers a serene retreat setting with:

  • Eight large bedrooms with en-suites.
  • Terraces overlooking picturesque landscapes.
  • A treatment pool for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Therapy rooms for personalized sessions.
  • Activity spaces for group exercises and workshops.
  • A charming state-of-the-art rooftop lounge for relaxation and reflection.


Holistic Haven for Menopause Well-being

Joins us at our serene retreat, a holistic haven for menopause well-being. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, our peaceful setting offers the perfect backdrop for your wellness journey. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating activities and tune back into yourself.

What Makes Us Unique:

  • Customised Approach: Tailored programs addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.
  • Expert Team: Dedicated specialists ensuring high-quality care and attention.
  • Comprehensive Wellness: Holistic practices promoting healing and well-being.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Open discussions and connections in a compassionate space.


Package Inclusions: Accommodation, nutrient-enriched meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner made by qualified Chefs, fitness activities, mindfulness sessions, holistic healing, group support and goal setting.


Package Exclusions: 

  • Transportation to and from the retreat venue.
  • Additional one-on-one therapies beyond the included sessions (see FAQ’S section for more information).
  • Excursions and off-site activities outside the retreat program.
  • Personal purchases or expenses incurred during the stay.
  • Any medical or emergency services required during your stay.


Retreat Reservation Details

Reserve your spot with a 30% upfront payment or pay the total amount. The remaining 70% is due six weeks before your retreat. Use the cursor to choose your preferred start date in the calendar; the dates will then be highlighted in orange. Our retreats require a minimum of six attendees. Payment six weeks before is essential for our specialists to plan for your arrival and if attendees fall short four weeks before, we’ll refund your payment.

Travel Assistance and Policies

Although airport transfers are not included, we’ve teamed up with a reliable taxi service for seamless travel from Granada or Malaga airports to our location – let us know if you’d like this service. Please review the health insurance, refund and cancellation policies on our FAQ page.

Please use our contact form for any further enquiries. 


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